Being Popular in the Way you Don’t Want


I’m enclosing a racy picture but you could see more nudity at the beach, and so I’m assuming it’s not improper. My point is that on a good day, I’m nowadays fairly hot. And you’d be surprised at how little that’s helpful, in some ways that I’d hoped it would be.

I’m presuming my readers include folks in their late teens but who might not be 18 yet so , as always, I’m trying to phrase things appropriately. That’s why I’m being kind of obtuse in this article. I gather that in PG13 or PG17 movies it’s OK for the story line to convey that, folks, now these two people are having sex — but the scenes shown are suggestive, not the sort of close-up thing that you’d see in, well, porn. That’s my reasoning, anyway.

So I can write about sex but should not be explicit. Although probably every 14-year old in America has read about and seen pictures of every body part explicitly in interaction with every other body part, at least I’m not the source of that. My approach also avoids angry comments and potential legal problems for me, and I like that.

Anyway, so: about sex. I like it. And, I hope to look more and more hot as time goes by, even though I know only too well that time isn’t kind. So, you’d think I’d get more and more guys interested in sex with me, as a result. Also: girls. That’s good because I’m I have enjoyed being sexual with guys as well as girls, though as to balance, I’d have liked some more guys added into the general mix. And, that has indeed been a problem.

One of my favorite movies has the quote “the sex you want, you don’t get, and the sex you get, you don’t want.” That kinda sums up the sex-with-guys situation for me. So, if you’re a t-girl and on this journey, which is presumably why you’re reading this, then be ready for this sort of thing: many guys have beaten a path to my door and are super keen on having me in bed, and the hotter I get, the more so, BUT …

… then they want to put their mouths EVERYwhere and want me to put mine EVERYwhere, and if I don’t think that’s all that great an idea as to safety and hygiene, then all the pixie dust I see is due to 95% of the guys vanishing into thin air.

As to most of the remaining 5%, they will be enthused about sex with me but they want to be on the receiving end. Personally, with a guy, that doesn’t turn me on at all. I want to be on the receiving end. And finding guys who want this … okay, I’ve found a few. VERY few. And half of those want to be completely unsafe about it. And when I say “no” then poof, they’re gone. And as to the rest, when I meet them, they have anxiety problems.

Wow. So, bottom line, I haven’t had sex with a guy for months. And I’m kinda tired of that.

I needed to make a Europe trip and so I went to the UK and Germany thinking that maybe it’s just US guys who have this sort of wiring. And no, it’s not. So I traveled 12,000 miles and accomplished what I needed for my BMW parts business, but it was not the sort of sexy trip I’d hoped for. And, not to sound like a complete slut, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

So, dear t-girl friend, if you’re looking forward to life as a girl in every way, including your sex life, you might wanna reign in your expectations unless you wanna throw caution to the winds or you don’t mind taking, um, an active role. The latter is only an option until you start seriously snacking on feminizing hormone pills or have some surgery done ‘down there.’

Every now and then I swap emails with someone who is HIV positive and although nowadays the treatment plans are great, I’m still not of the opinion that any one hot session is worth incurring a high risk of an STD. For me, anyway. To each his own.

As for me, I finally lost patience with all the guys and got a sex toy (I mean “marital aid”) and finally had a wonderful time, solo.

That’s not how I’d expected my sex life with guys to be.

It really is tempting to just sign out of the whole sex-with-guys plan and enjoy female company and my sex toys exclusively. It would certainly be a lot less hassle. And then if the right Prince Charming should happen to come along, fine, but I’m not so sure it makes sense to allocate any more of my time and energy to trying to find one.

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