A Most Sincere Compliment

2014-12-09 00.11.44This picture is how I looked, just before midnight, about 3 hours ago.

Earlier today, I had my hair professionally washed and blow-dried because if I don’t do that, it starts looking frizzy.  And, I have permanent lashes because that saves me a lot of time with mascara.

I’m in Las Vegas staying at Treasure Island hotel and casino, and I worked late so I decided to take a break and go have coffee at a 24-hour coffee shop at the Mirage hotel and casino, which is right next door. This requires crossing the driveway entrance to Treasure Island, on the corner of which stands a lady whom I’ve seen many times before. She hands out business cards of girls who can get sent to someone’s hotel room, presumably for paid-time hanky-panky. Having observed this lady many times during the last year or two, I’ve noticed that she makes a point of handing these cards to guys and not to girls.

Yesterday I wore some new and sexy high-heeled shoes to go have coffee at the nearby Venetian hotel and casino,  They hurt my feet so much that it was hard to walk sexily and eventually it was hard to walk at all. I was sorely tempted to take them off and walk barefoot, which in Las Vegas is a bad idea. So, I endured the pain and I don’t ever plan to wear them again.  For tonight, I wore some semi-elegant flat-soled booties but they don’t go well with a skirt or dress.  So, I wore jeans.  I was also wearing my leather jacket.  And, I’m 6 feet tall.

So, as I was walking past the card-dispensing lady, she was standing with her head down. She noticed that the lady walking next to me was, obviously, female, and didn’t hand her a card.  When she saw me (or to be exact, the lower portion of me) she saw a tall person in androgynous, possibly-male clothing and she automatically offered me a card. Then she looked up, saw all of me, and she yanked the card back and mumbled an apology. It wasn’t due to me looking hostile. In fact, I was smiling.

I’m always self-conscious about my face and figure looking too androgynous and not sufficiently feminine — so it gives me hope when on the merit of my chest, face and hair, someone changes her mind and classifies me correctly as being basically female.

I like it.

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