New Environment, New Confidence


I just enjoyed a self-serve buffet breakfast in the lobby of the hotel where I’m staying.

This required walking, several times, past some football-watching macho males whom I don’t know and don’t particularly care to know.

I was wearing my 6″ stilettos and my bra was straining against the pressure of my large (and fake) boobs, all wrapped in a thin-fabric, tight-fitting top. My long blonde hair is morning-tousled in a way that a former lover once described as “sex hair” because it looks like you-know-what has happened since I last attended to my hair.

I didn’t dress like that for the intended effect on the onlookers. Frankly, I’d have preferred it if they hadn’t been there at all. But their presence no longer intimidates me. I’m always ready for adversity but it’s not in a fear-driven way, but in a confidence-based way.

I dress as I like for ME. I like wearng my 6″ stilettos and boob-accenting outfits. The effect they have on my look is nice, but the effect on my mood is better yet. I feel extra feminine. I go to a lot of trouble to look feminine even when I’m wearing nothing, and the stilettos and sexy tops put the icing on the cake.

Part of why I’m wearing this is that the hotel is in Las Vegas. There is more of an “anything-goes” ambiance here. In a small town in the American South I’d probably have triggered some homophobic response in some of the least secure people present. But the fact that it’s a new place, a clean sheet of paper … that helps too.

PS: I love the picture in this post, though I’d rephrase its wording to: You already are fundamentally a girl. Start looking and behaving like one.

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