Photographing and Presenting Well

Before I came out as a t-girl I felt ugly and was only grudgingly willing to be in photographs, typically less than half a dozen per year. I was overweight, unhealthy and unhappy.

Now that I know I’m a girl and I live as such, I’m in shape, healthy and almost giddily happy. The camera is my new friend and some days I take several dozen pictures — and throw away all but the best few. I know some girls Photoshop their pictures and I avoid that. Ask me why if you like.

Basically, working in a feedback loop is very effective as to learning which styles and poses work best. I have a webcam on me almost all the time even though I’m the only person who sees the picture. That way I can see “oooh, I’m slouching” or “wow, that angle downplays my too-masculine brow” etc. So, the best tips are those you figure out yourself. And, the poses help you away from the camera too.

By keeping your best and unedited pictures around, then on days when you feel fragile (as girls, we tend to go through that) you can get reassurance that, at least sometimes, you can look very good.

Having others comment on your pictures helps too. Typically, we’re our own worst critic and others might like what they see and point out strengths that we didn’t know we had.

If you’re like me, then you might not be all that happy with your facial bone structure, and you don’t have nice boobs and whatever’s in your thong … still makes a bulge. Unlike me, you might even still have an Adam’s apple. When I was unhappy about my frontal view, I focused on my rear view … I lost weight, got svelte, did leg & butt exercises, and grew my hair long. So, at least from the rear, I knew I could look good. Then I focused on more and more other aspects, too — and good pictures helped me gain confidence along the way.

NEW-5Much of looking and being hot has to do with style … posting and grace and attitude. As an example, look at videos of the Ukranian pole dancer Anastasia Sokolova (pictured here).

NEW-10She’s lovely and she exudes sexuality in large part due to how she moves, and her attitude — but her physique is relatively andogynous and not sexpot-curvy like Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren.

What helps me is to move and function with more grace than I have looks. In the long run, that helps a lot. I see many cisgirls who could own the room they walked into if they walked sexily as opposed to slouching in.

As t-girls, we’re in the unique position where we don’t take our femininity for granted. We are female, brain-wise, but femininity includes expressing that with style and grace.

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