Dilemma as to Male-Shaped Body Parts “Down There”

A major question for each t-girl to reconcile is “how can I be a girl if I have  male-shaped body parts ‘down there’?”

On the premise of “whatever is ‘down there’ determines gender” , the answer is: you can’t. Fortunately, that premise has gone the way of the flat-earth premise (for similar reasons) though it’s taking a while for the news to reach the more-conservative sub-cultures of the US. Now that I understand that I’m a girl due to my brain structure, the shape of my privates is really irrelevant … fundamentally.

Enough female lovers have complimented me that I can conclude I have a nicely-shaped, well-functioning, large-but-not-too-large plumbing, and I don’t hate it … but if I were to wake up tomorrow morning being female-shaped ‘down there’ I’d be very happy about that.

One of my mentors used to be married to a transgender girl, and he had funded a partial penectomy for her. The way he described the result, she still had a penis afterwards but it was very short, with the shaft part having been removed. He explained that this enabled her to look good in a thong, as in a bikini, in public.

This possibility really resonated with me. The ability to be seen in public in a bikini, without a bulge … that appeals to me very much.

So, lacking a rich husband or thousands of dollars for the relevant surgery, I went to Amazon.com and spent $30 on a “gaff.” It’s tight, and it keeps things in shape so well that my lower body now looks like the female that I am, brain-structure-wise. Yay! (The picture is not of me, it’s from the Amazon website).


One day, after I have made lots of money and have paid off my business debt, and I’ve had some other surgeries done, I do plan to have ‘the surgery’ — not just a partial penectomy but the whole male-to-female shape change, as to ‘down there.’ Until then, this gaff serves me well.

I stayed at a nice casino resort in Las Vegas last week. I went down to the pool area, and for the first time, I enjoyed being out in public in a skimpy yellow bikini. I wore the skin-colored gaff right next to my skin and then the bikini over it. Classic stripper-girl trick: I also wore another, more-skimpy bikini over that. This gives the visual effect of wearing something very risque while in fact there’s more coverage yet.


When I’m sitting, the angle of my body makes my tummy look weird, but I like the rest of the picture so I’m posting it, even so.


It felts so good to no longer be “hiding in the shadows” as to pool-side fun.

Lastly: someone has reminded me that it’s not typical feminine behavior to be that happy about my lingerie. I’m sure she is 100% in the right. Even so, I AM excited and I hope I’ve explained the reasons why for me, this is a very happy development.

2 thoughts on “Dilemma as to Male-Shaped Body Parts “Down There”

  1. If this is a dilemma – and I can see how it can be – then is it really irrelevant? While I’m sure that a penectomy can get rid of having a good-sized lump in your panties, a man’s hip and pelvis structures are different than a woman’s, seeing as how their structures were “designed” with having babies in mind – a whole lot of evolutionary changes played into this one and, well, unless there’s a surgery than can reshape those structures, what else can be done about one’s crotch?

    I’m on your side on the whole brain structure thing even if I don’t pretend to fully understand it… but there are only so many changes one can make to their body if they wanna look good in a bikini.

  2. Good points (yet again) 🙂
    I agree. There are practical limits, but within those I plan to push the envelope. For example, today I’m planning to start feminizing hormone treatment, which affects fat distribution so more of it will move to the butt and hips … this will help.

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