Congratulations, You’ve Arrived

IMAG0362I tend to spend a lot of time with pretty girls, and I notice the “you look hot” looks they get, and Saturday night I’ve gotten a lot of these myself. l liked that. Most importantly, I looked good to myself. I’ve rarely felt or looked this good. I love how Shelley did my hair and make-up:

  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eye shadow
  • Semi-permanent eyelashes
  • Colored lip gloss
  • Bronzer

IMAG0360This was at a Bangles concert at the Eastside Cannery in Henderson, NV. I ended up walking through the entire casino to get to the restaurant area, and then I walked all the way back to go get something out of the car for Shelley — and then another long walk back to the restaurant area, yet again. I walked happily and elegantly on my 6″ stilettos. I know people can figure me as being a transgender girl, so the best I can do is to look good and walk elegantly as a transgender girl.


It’s sort of like being a hot black girl. She’d never be mistaken for Miss Scandinavia … no blonde hair and pale skin in that paradigm. But, she could look hot in the black-girl paradigm, and that would be just fine.

So, there I was, looking hot as a transgender girl … finally. Yay!

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