Fasting, and Feminizing Hormones


No breakfast or lunch for me, today. 14 hours of nothing but water. I’m fasting to get my blood drawn and analyzed as the next methodical step towards feminizing hormone treatment. The picture below explains why. Have you noticed that I pose sideways so as to look curvy? My butt is all I have in the “curves” department. Viewed straight on, I look like a tree. Male hormones tend to make someone have that sort of shape.

Today is a red-letter day in the sense that today I am as lean (devoid of fat) as I have always wanted be. After 2 years of careful eating and exercise, I’ve arrived. Yay!! So, wow, this is what victory feels like, then. It’s nice. Soon it’ll be time for me to put on fat again. Wait, what?

Were I to put on fat again, with my hormones as they are now, then I’d get a paunch. Not sexy.

What would be really awesome would be for me to start putting on fat again but this time it goes to make my hips curvy, my butt larger, and it covers my thighs so that the muscles don’t stand out as much. That’s precisely what female hormones do. So, today I’m off to go get my blood drawn and analyzed as a step towards hormone replacement therapy … having the testosterone say “good-bye” and the estrogen to say “hello.”

Or, if you’re into gender stereotypes, more like (respectively) “screw it, I’m outta here [kicks the door on the way out]” and “[lilting voice] well, hello there!”

So if you ever see a tall blonde girl with huge thighs, hips and butt cheerfully enjoying a double fudge sundae, that’d be me. If you tell me “but honey, that’s why you have the shape you do” then I’ll smile, lick my spoon sexily, and happily say: “Yes!”


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