Supergirl Apprentice, Me. Flying Skills Not Mandatory

The transgender girl journey is sort of like being in a war. It’s inevitable that there will be difficult, dangerous and deeply sad times. It’s in the nature of the process.

In its own messed up way, it’s cool. I used to read about girls doing heroic, brave things, and here I am living that life.

For example, last week, right after I dropped a friend off at her hotel, I saw a girl standing in the parking lot, being hassled and yelled at by several guys.

I drove my big, ugly , rugged Jeep right between her and them sort of like a shield. I asked her if she’s OK. I was ready to throw the door open and have her dive in if she needed to be whisked to safety.

So, that’s my life now. I’m alert, aware, safety-conscious like a cat. It’s sad that it’s necessary but it’s a cool way to live.

Instead of watching heroic actions in movies, I get to experience them as part of daily life.

Bonus: if I do many things right I get to look like a tall, athletic, gorgeous hot blonde in the near future, without diminishing the alertness. That’s about as close to Supergirl as a human can get, and … it’s not a movie or a comic book. It’s my life. How cool is that?

My Big, Ugly, Rugged Jeep

My Big, Ugly, Rugged Jeep

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