Yay for the Reno Rodeo!! And yet …

Picture courtesy of James Teterenko under the GNU Free Documentation License.I love rodeos.  I love the patriotism, skills and energy.  And, this is the weekend for the Reno Rodeo. Great!  Not so great: I’m guessing it’s also the weekend that a transgender girl is most likely to get hassled in public.  Why do I think so? Speaking in broad terms:

Mostly, genetically integrated girls are fine with transgender girls. I’ve had very few issues as such.  By a massive majority, the most negativity aimed at me has come from guys.

This negativity has come in two flavors:

  • Bullying-style mean behavior
  • Homophobia

As for bullying: transgender girls are genetic anomalies just like very tall, short, fat or thin people are, or people with some or other unusual facial or physical feature.  Bullies tend to find inspiration in that sort of thing.

As for homophobia, that’s more dangerous yet.  I’ve written about that already, elsewhere in this blog.

What makes this weekend more likely to be a problem?

  1. In isolation, guys tend to be on their best behavior. In my experience, when they’re among other guys, a weird sort of group dynamic makes things far more negative, including trying to outdo each other in being mean (or worse).
  2. The older guys get, the more mellow and nice they tend to be towards me. Young adult or teenage guys have been the most negative towards me.
  3. The more macho a guy’s culture is, the more negative he tends to be toward girls like me.
  4. Reno folks tend to be cool people when it comes to interacting with transgender girls.  Rural folks tend to be much less so.

The Reno Rodeo is an event that draw to Reno in large numbers of young, macho guys from rural communities. All four of these factors combined makes for a sort of “perfect storm” dynamic that makes this weekend the most likely time when a girl like me will be hassled in public. Of course, places like the Patio and the 5 Star Saloon are safe zones. But, Reno sidewalks and casinos might well not be…



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