Maybe your Kids already Know

It was hard for me to come out, as being a transgender girl, to my family and friends. One of the people whose reaction I was worried about was my step-daughter.  I’d helped raise her since she was 12 and by now she is a lovely and successful young adult.  Ironically, she even looks like me: blonde, relatively tall, brown eyes.  Her bio-mom is lovely but is relatively short, and has blue eyes.

Ironically, even as I was struggling to figure myself out, my step-daughter had apparently done so already. As her step-parent and officially male at the time, I never got a Father’s day card from her, but I always got “assistant mom” cards on Mother’s day.

Seems to me she had me figured out several years before I did. So, when I finally announced I’m transgender she didn’t seem surprised and simply wished me success in whatever makes me happy. 🙂


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