Feeling Confident

A few days ago, I was in Las Vegas. I wore this outfit:


Those are Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans.  They fit really well.

I spend so much time in Las Vegas that I basically live there but I don’t rent a place as yet, by the month — so I rent places by the night. Ideally, I like to stay at places where I have some reason to suspect my car will still be there the next morning, so I shop slightly about the bottom rung of the price ladder. Some amazing deals can be had for less than $100 per night, but I like to make sure the place is nice in person before I book it online. This is one example: the Aston Montelago. I went to inspect it. I loved it.


I went to inspect the pool area, too. By the pool stood a small group of teenage girls, and as I approached, I clearly became the the subject of the conversation even though I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

A funny thing happened: I felt good.

In the past, I might have cringed or felt self-conscious. But, by now I feel good enough about myself that I assumed they were saying something nice about me, instead. And indeed, they were. Eventually, one of the girls came over and complimented the particular color-and-clothing combination I was wearing:  And, that felt very, very nice.

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