Being Hourglassy, the T-Girl Way

[The pictures in this blog post are of me.  I took them in the last 2 or 3 days. They’re sprinkled throughout the wording to keep things visual interesting for the reader.]

When I was 18 or so, I had a girl-crush on a girl who was maybe 16 or 17, and one day I observed her wistfully looking at her very-curvy older sister who was preparing to go out on a date.  The younger girl was wonderful and lovely and sexy in her own right, but indeed her shape was not nearly as hourglassy as her sister’s.

WAIST5As soon as I realized that I’m a transgender girl, I had the same concerns.  I looked at gorgeous girls with a Marilyn Monroe waist-to-hip ratio and I wished I looked like that.

As to the top aspect of an hourglassy figure: a lovely pair of huge boobies is just one implant surgery away, no problem. But, as an engineer, I am concerned about the foundation of things. Ideally, lovely boobs should not be the sole nice thing about a lady’s figure — especially when that lady is me.

WAIST4I did all kinds of research into how I could have wider hips, including fat transfers and injecting tiny Lucite balls that stimulate collagen growth.

If and when I switch over to female hormones (a scary step with many health implications), I suspect that my hips will widen naturally, but I’m trying to look as good as I can without having to rely on hormones, and then if they make me look better, that’s a bonus.

WAISTThat covers two of the variables in the hourglass math.  The third variable is “waist size.”

At the time I realized I’m a transgender girl, I was at the bottom of a downhill spiral. I’d neglected my physique and health, and I was overweight by 30 pounds. I had a paunchy tummy. My shape was more like an apple than an hourglass.

WAIST2However, I started eating more and more healthy food, in precise quantities. I did many ab exercises, especially the vacuum ab exercises that helped Arnold Schwarzenegger get into such good shape.  In combination, these actions changed my shape over the course of two years.  Better. 🙂

WAIST3To accentuate this good-shape aspect, as opposed to hiding it under shapeless clothing, I nowadays tend to wear tops that are stretchy at the waist. When I wear not-so-stretchy clothing, I like to use belts or sashes that fasten around the waist to pull the clothing in, and direct attention to that aspect.

There is still a lot of work to be done. Even so, the shape I’m in today seemed like an unattainable dream two years ago, but I pursued it anyway.  I’m glad.


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