I’ll Pay for My Own Surgeries, Thank You

The best definition I know is: a transgender girl is basically someone who was born with a female brain structure yet male-shapedprivates.

The way I understand the science of fetal development is that everything in the womb is initially female, and then after a few weeks, then for males the development takes a separate route.  In the case of transgender girls, the brain structure doesn’t follow this change of direction, and keeps developing as that of a female.

A friend of mine is into hunting, and recently he posted on his Facebook page a picture of a bird with, clearly, the features of both male and female. Someone else posted on Facebook some pictures of insects  where one half (e.g., the left) had male characteristics and the other half was female.  So, it happens in nature, not just for humans.  Sometimes in humans, the split affects the person’s privates so that the same person has ambiguous genitals.  The details vary.  One historically recorded example was a person with both a functional vagina and a functional penis. As one author put it: nature loves variety; society abhors it.  As best I can make sense of all this, a transgender girl like me is just one more genetic anomaly, in which the gender split meant that her brain developed female, and her private parts developed to be male-shaped.  It’s not as rare as I’d thought.  Now that the science is out, that it’s a genetic anomaly and not a mental flaw (i.e, it’s not a male imagining things), more and more transgender girls are stepping into the open.  It’s almost like the X-men movie in which the mutant folks remained hidden and tried to blend into society as best they could.

So, for a transgender girl, her birth certificate reads “male” and yet she eventually figures out that she’s basically a female in a male body.  Many girls like that then embark on a journey that involves relearning how to walk and talk like the girls we basically are.  But, it’s also about looks.  Some girls like me also pay for surgery, so as to aesthetically look more like the girls that we basically are. For example, I saved up money and paid for surgeries to get my Adam’s Apple removed and my facial features to be more feminized.

IMAG8405I’m aware of how the government is taking over much of the healthcare business, and that some transgender girls are happy about the possibility of looking more female while the government picks up the tab for her surgeries.

I am, emphatically, NOT one of these girls.

I’m a free-market girl. On my premises: government money was taken from productive people by force. It is not OK for the government to hand such money to me for my beautification surgeries.

Furthermore, I also don’t think it’s OK for the government to take money I’ve made, and to use it to fund quadruple heart bypass surgery for someone who chooses to eat three cheeseburgers a day.

The latest scientific evidence shows that being a transgender girl is a genetic condition, and the girl’s only volitional choice is whether or not she continues to pretend to be a guy, as her birth certificate shows — or if she changes to where she lives in a way that’s congruent with the girl that she basically (i.e., mentally) is.

So, yes, it’s unfortunate. I’d much rather look in the mirror and see a pretty girl looking back at me.  The reflection in the mirror has far too many male-looking visual aspects for my liking.  Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like a male, if someone is a male — it’s just not what I am and so i’s not how I would like to look.

Key point: it’s my problem.  And that’s why I’m working hard and saving money for feminization surgeries.These might or might not include below-the-belt surgery. I’ve made peace with the fact that I’m a girl, irrespective of my plumbing.  What bothers me are the socially obvious visual aspects that affect daily life, e.g., facial features and how curvy my chest is (or isn’t).

If someone chooses to donate money for these surgeries, great.  Do I think it’s OK for someone to take government money and allocate that to me as such?  No, I don’t.

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