Moving Sexily

A few years ago, I watched a video of a transgender beauty contest, in which the mistress of ceremonies was a lovely t-girl … who took two very masculine-looking strides to the microphone and ruined much of her image in the process, for me anyway. That really made an impression on me.

I do escorting sometimes. I sell time, not sex, and whatever turns the client on, I’m willing to consider doing. One of my clients, who is 100% male and works in a macho profession, was curious as to how he’d look feminized. So, I dressed him up as a girl and put a blonde wig on him. He looked good. And then, he took a few masculine-looking steps, and the image was ruined, for me anyway.

So, yes, it’s important for me to move in a feminized way as one more way of living as the female that I basically am. This is occurring in a context where I have for decades tried to fit into guy culture and tried to look as male as I possibly could, so there’s a lot that I need to un-learn.

But, I also am concerned about how I look. I love the hourglassy look and I wish I looked like that. But, rather than wishing, I have specific plans that will eventually help me look more curvy. For now, any hourglassiness in my shape is due to having a narrow waist and flat abs. It’s a good start, but my body is still shaped too much like a tree and not enough like an hourglass.

Recently, I found the perfect pick-me-up when I feel frustrated or sorry for myself about my shape: a video that shows Anastasia Sokolova dancing, in “Ukraine’s Got Talent.”


Yes, she’s pretty, but that’s not the main attraction. How she moves, is the key issue.

It’s difficult for me to focus on her physique because she seems to transcend that, but when I can, I notice that she’s shaped like … well, me, actually — as far as I can tell.


She has fairly muscular arms and shoulders, and not a particularly thin waist, nor huge boobs, nor wide hips. She’s slender yet muscular — athletic.NEW-5

The way she walks is already a large part of her moving sexily.


She’s a professional pole dancer, and … wow. Now that I’ve seen a video of her dancing …

… wow.




This lady lives in the Ukraine, which isn’t the center of the universe for wealth. She doesn’t have a curvy body. And yet, she has taught herself to move in a way that makes her magnificently sexy — and an inspiring role model, for me.

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