A Sad Christmas … Not, or: How to Deal with the Roof Caving In

The last two weeks have been … what’s a good word … challenging. I have a wonderful romantic partner in an open, safe, loving, polyamorous relationship. Two weeks ago, I had … two such romantic partners. One checked out, thus ending a six-year relationship as such.

This lady owned the house where I was staying and paying rent at the time. And, my credit and cash situation right now is really bad. She didn’t say “and leave immediately” but instead was OK with me staying there until I found another place to live. However, the post-breakup vibe made things very awkward and soon she basically said she’d appreciate seeing me outta there ASAP.

For a transgender girl to find a new place to stay isn’t the easiest thing in many circumstances. When broke, and with less-than-great credit, it’s way harder. And, it’s hard to imagine a worse time than mid-December.

I was very tempted to start feeling sorry for myself, and then … I realized that this is always an indication that I’m indulging in less-than-healthy thoughts. So, I contacted a friend of mine who owned an ancient apartment that I used to rent for $100 a month, in 1995 when last I was super-broke. The friend explained that the little apartment has ceased to exist but they have a larger, 3-bedroom unit that’s a pain to keep heated in colder-than-freezing Fallon, NV and they keep running the water and also electric heaters and they would LOVE for me to have it rent-free until the weather warms up as long as I pay the gas company deposit and monthly heating bills. After April, if I wanna keep renting it, it’s $500 a month. So, of course, I said “yes” and I’m already moved in. I just finished moving out the last items out of the previous place today. I even have my little Christmas tree up, this being Christmas eve.

My new place is a mile or so from my shop and the rent is half of what I contributed to the previous place’s mortgage, and I get the first 4 1/2 months rent-free. I save $500 in rent, I drive 120 miles a day less for 24 days per month and I spend 50 hours a week less on driving. I’m happy.

My Christmas tree has a wiring problem, but apart from that … life is good.


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