Me, Looking Androgynous

Professionally, I do many things but mainly I’m an Information Technology database software geek.

One of my clients is a nice gentleman who just happens to own several legal brothels in the Northern Nevada area. I was invited to his birthday celebration this weekend. It was an interesting experience to sit in a brothel and watch dozens of very attractive girls mill around.

I wore exceptionally dark make-up and a very sexy dress and 6″ stilettos. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I saw someone who looked a) sexy and b) more androgynous than 100% female in her looks.

I was OK with that. It was nice to be at peace with my own looks. One day I plan to look much more feminized but for that I’ll need facial feminization surgery that I can’t afford today, so meanwhile, I’m happy to have nice legs, a cute butt and muscular, flat abs. I radiate good health, because I eat healthy food, drink little alcohol, avoid drugs, exercise enough, sleep enough and take good care of my skin and hair. For now, that’s good enough. It feels good to be able to look at the reflection in the mirror and evaluate it in the context of the best-looking “me” I can currently be.

The amount of men and ladies who seem enthused about getting to know me better, in a Biblical sense, is a pleasant reminder that I’m not the only one with a positive opinion about how I currently look, even if that look is more androgynous than purely feminine.

Ironically, I find androgynous folks to potentially be highly attractive myself. I was at a drive-through at a fast-food restaurant recently. Sitting in the restaurant was a lovely blonde girl who was most likely transgender. She was gorgeous and yet her face was clearly not just feminine; she had some quite male-looking features too, enough so that I suspect she’s transgender.

I could hardly stop staring, so pretty was she to me. I found it to be an interesting irony to experience my own standards from the opposite perspective.

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