Small World, and a Nice One, at That … Especially With Openness and Common Sense

I know that the way I look currently is sort of “in the middle.”

Even though my mind has always been 100% female, testosterone did its work during puberty, for me, so some of the bones in my face convey “male” whether the rest of me fits or not.

What’s interesting to me is that I’m in the point in my visual transition where most males go by those visual cues and presume I’m male whereas almost all ladies go more by social cues and due to that, plus the visuals, they pick up on me being a girl.

So, to make things less stressful for guys, who don’t want to call a guy “ma’am” by mistake, I nowadays just come out and say, when I interact with a guy: “I’m a mix of male and female but I’m basically female so please don’t call me ‘Sir’ … it messes with my head.” And then, they’re fine.

I just said that to the manager at the hotel where I’m staying today on a business trip. It turns out that he has a cousin who is a transgender girl, and we had the nicest conversation. 🙂

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