A Nice Little Cultural Victory

Today, I was going to work in my car business. I expected to lie under cars and generally be a mess, and I was way behind schedule.  So, I put on zero make-up.

I ended up at an oil change place in a very small town in rural Nevada, and even so I was treated super-nicely.  The gentleman offered to help carry something for me, referred to me with the female pronoun, etc.  It was SO nice … especially since this happened with me wearing no make-up and not particularly feminine clothing, and no cleavage.

I know that I don’t look 100% female so in case he had any doubts, I told him I’m a strange mix of male and female, but basically female, and that he had handled it perfectly, and I thanked him for that.

I like being a girl anyway, but it’s nice when the rest of the planet catches on too.

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