Silhouette Pictures

This weekend, I took some pictures of myself. I have mixed feelings about them.  In some ways, they look good. Yet, my face is not feminized enough by my standards.  Most days I deal with it just fine; other days I feel impatient.

I know that there’s still a lot of work to be done before I look like I want to. The work involves surgery, which requires money, which I’m becoming ever more motivated to produce.

My chest is also still 100% flat, because I’m not ready to start hormone treatment (which would presumably generate some breast tissue growth) and nor am I ready to get implants (which would generate such nicely significant curves that hormone-based breast tissue growth becomes a low priority for me).

The problem is that even when I wear a very nice padded bra that endows me, courtesy of thin air, the sort of breast shape I want, I’m still being called “Sir” by some, and that’s the exact opposite of what I’m going for.

To take a break from this sort of problem, this weekend I enjoyed omitting some facial details from a set of pictures I took of myself.  My figure, thanks to my bra, shows how  I’d like it to look — without needing help from a bra. And, there are other aspects I like too, bra or no bra.  For example, I like how my butt, legs and hair look.

Below are the pictures.  I had fun taking and processing them.

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