Thinking Beyond the Obvious

I’m located in Northern Nevada. I like it here, and yet … the concept of being transgender remains misunderstood in some circles hereabouts.

The less-savvy folks hereabouts might until recently have waved their arm at the horizon and assumed a rude facial expression of the issue being self-evident as to the earth being flat and not a sphere. This mindset doesn’t deal well with subtleties that go beyond the perceptually obvious.

Undaunted at having lost the flat-earth argument, this concrete-bound type of mentality continues to deal with issues the same way. Such folks will point to the body parts of a transgender girl ‘down there.’ If it’s an “outie” as opposed to an “innie” then, well, that settles the question of gender, for them. For people with this approach to concepts: consistent with how they live the rest of their lives, what’s in a person’s pants is vastly more important than what’s in a person’s head.

With that sort of emphasis, it’s not surprising that this mindset struggles with the concept of someone being a transgender girl based on how her brain is wired, period.

But, insisting on a flawed concept doesn’t make it any more valid. Science has shown that the earth isn’t flat, and that some people were born with female brain wiring and  a male reproductive system. If someone ignores the “brain” half of the picture, they’re welcome to their misconceptions — but they are misconceptions.

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