Yay for the TSA in Little Rock, AR

I just posted the below on the TSA website:

I have some very nice things to say about the TSA in general and at Little Rock, AR especially.  What made it especially nice is how transgender-friendly and transgender-savvy *everyone* was.

I’m a 6′ tall transgender girl, clearly not a genetically integrated girl and clearly not simply male either.  My aesthetics have an effect that tends to fluster especially young males, and not in a good way.  I take it as it comes but I don’t like it.

I was about to fly to San Francisco for business, and I was wearing female clothing, female shoes, female make-up, female jewelry and my driver’s license says “F” as its gender.

Even so, half an hour before arriving at the airport, I had just left a hotel where the front-desk staff seemed to feel so awkward that I chose to leave early (breakfast was included with the room price but I chose to skip breakfast). The staff wasn’t mean, just struggling to deal with the concept.  By contrast, everyone I dealt with at the Little Rock TSA either has received good training on what transgender girls are and how to deal with us (like any other girl) or everyone was just naturally gracious and savvy.

I was wearing designer jeans and they set off the detector, and one of the TSA staff said “hold on there, lady” which I appreciated.  And, the staffer who was going to pat me down asked if I wanted to be patted down as male or female.  I appreciated that too. I told her “I’m female, so …..” and things proceeded accordingly.  It set a nice tone for the remainder of my day.

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