Added a Page: Coming Out as Transgender, Worked on my Modeling Business, Did my Daily Routine

As a transgender girl, I have “come out” to a great many people, and by now I have accumulated enough useful information to contribute it. I hope that what I wrote helps you too, if you’re struggling with these issues.  I also Tweeted about my blog and wrote to the Act Up people about it.  Some aspects of what they do, I love, and others I don’t but even so my page about coming out might be of value to some transgender ladies.

I spent another part of today on my part-time modeling business, swapping friendly emails with nice people who might also be potential clients.  Then, a friend of mine called and gave me some advice about the business. One of his points is that I’m in a place in the visual transitioning process where it’s very apparent to the casual observer that I’m not a genetically integrated girl, and that were I to take feminizing hormones, my edges would soften (as a figure of speech) and I’d look a lot more convincing.  Transgender private lingerie modeling shares a lot of subculture with transgender ladies who do escorting and more, so it’s been helpful for me to generally learn about that subculture and its issues and dangers, even to me.

My daily health and beauty routine is off to a late start. It’s interesting to me how many chemicals this involves. I appreciate modern science and the chemical industry even more now.

This next paragraph might be stupefyingly boring unless you’re curious what it’s like to be me, every day.

  • I put on the first of two daily treatments of scalp revitalizer for, if it works as hoped, more & fuller hair.
  • I took a hormone modifier to counteract the effect that male hormones tend to have on the front of one’s hairline, which is to push it back
  • I put on eyelid moisturizing cream
  • I put on face moisturizing cream
  • I put on body moisturizing lotion
  • I put on heel moisturizing lotion
  • I put on my bangles, a nice “hey, you’re a girl” reminder after years of not being aware of it
  • I put in my transparent braces
  • I put on my 6″ heels so that when I walk, I do so sexily, even inside my townhouse.

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